What we do.

At Galliard we work with you to find the best way to tell your story. We craft a programme that is unique for your brand, your objectives and your budget. Storytelling is at the heart of our approach to communications because a good story will be told again and again, passed from person to person and will resonate online, in print, or on air. Put simply. Storytelling works.

Public Relations.

Working exclusively in the health sector, we work on your behalf to the highest professional standards to define strategies that work. We create messages that resonate, and tailor them to find the right messengers – human, social or traditional –that deliver our story to the people who need to hear it, be they analysts, policy makers, patients or doctors.

For us there’s no such thing as a typical project – we love finding creative and engaging ways to tell stories.

May Baccari, Director

Internal Communications.

Effective internal communications are crucial to the success of a product, confidence in your company and trust in senior management. We work with you to enhance communications between management and staff, creating cohesion and ensuring everyone has the information to do their job well. We create strategies and materials that cross boundaries and cultures and that work to achieve your goals.

We understand that for a company to be successful, foundations have to be laid from within – engaged employees are key to achieving your goals

Jayne Hibberd, Director

Meetings & Events.

Whether designed to announce new data to the media, share information and best practices internally, or galvanise product teams in strategic planning, meetings and events can play an integral part in external and internal communications programmes.

We provide comprehensive event support from the first idea to the last wrap-up, including strategic planning and agenda development; asset creation and speaker selection; logistical support and attendee liaison; and wrap-ups and KPI evaluation.

As a core part of our offering, we know the value of driving engagement through events and virtual programmes. We understand what it takes to pull them off successfully for you and your brand – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Diane Lorton, Director

Digital & Social.

Digital channels have rapidly become an essential part of pharma communications. We have expertise in using traditional and digital media to get your message out to the big wide world or your key targeting audiences. We measure the impact of your messages and those of your competitors through our bespoke media analysis service.

We work to explore the best use of digital platforms, making the most of each opportunity to engage, integrating them with other campaign elements and creating content that keeps them fresh. Technology may change the way we communicate, but what motivates people doesn’t – people still want to hear great stories.

To keep up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape, Galliard has launched the DigiDigest – a newsletter on all things digital.

We start by thinking about who you want to reach, and help you craft impactful omnichannel solutions that combine insight-driven digital communications and social media to bring your stories to life in a way that powerfully connects you to your audiences.

Prakash Patel, Digital and Social Media Director

Creative Services.

The role of exceptional design can never be underestimated in creating impactful communications. We believe that all campaigns deserve a design that captures the viewer’s attention and conveys clear and distinct messaging. To do so, we take care to fully understand our clients and their business – their values, potential and what makes them unique.

Our approach is always strategy and insight-led; from these insights, we create authentic and aspirational design, with persuasive and memorable narratives. We join the dots between scientific story telling and eye-catching, beautifully crafted imagery across a variety of multimedia formats.

We always challenge ourselves to do things differently, combining more than 20 years of experience and expertise in creating for the healthcare industry with a restless ambition to develop inspiring, eye-catching work that pushes ideas and delivers beyond expectations.

Will Giani, Design Lead

Strategic Consulting.

Overall communications strategy and planning is at the heart of what we do, and at the centre of any successful communications plan. We work with you to look at the impact your story is having now and how we can move that to have a continued impact for tomorrow, against any clear objectives via a tailored mix of channels, formats and types of content, across internal, external, digital and social, event-based and creative. We create insights driven, audience-centric strategies that support both commercial and medical drivers that build brands, franchises or companies.

Good strategy involves taking a step back, then connecting-the-dots to articulate a unifying theme that guides all decisions on which approaches will result in the most impact against your objectives

Jon Harris, Director of Client Engagement

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