The science of storytelling.

The storytelling of science.

We are Galliard.

A specialist healthcare communications agency made up of hugely talented and diverse individuals. We combine knowledge and passion for science and a love of storytelling with an intelligent dose of creativity to deliver highly effective solutions for our clients.

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What we do.

At Galliard storytelling is at the heart of our approach to communications, because a good story will be told again and again, passed from person to person and will resonate online, in print, or on air. We seek out stories that lie hidden deep within complex science, clinical data and market research reports. We tell stories that attract attention. Generate impact. Stimulate action. Or sometimes, just make you think differently.

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Public Relations


We create messages that resonate, and tailor them to find the right messengers – human, social or traditional – that deliver our story to the people who need to hear it, be they analysts, policy makers, patients or doctors.

Internal Communications


We work with you to enhance communications between management and staff, creating cohesion and ensuring everyone has the information to do their job well.

Meetings & Events


We provide comprehensive event support from the first idea to the last wrap-up, including strategic planning and agenda development; asset creation and speaker selection; logistical support and attendee liaison; and wrap-ups and KPI evaluation.

Digital & Social


We work to explore the best use of digital platforms, making the most of each opportunity to engage, integrating them with other campaign elements and creating content that keeps them fresh.

Creative Services


We join the dots between scientific story telling and eye-catching, beautifully crafted imagery across a variety of multimedia formats.

Strategic Consulting


Strategy is where we start with most of our clients, helping them diagnose the challenge then identify strengths and prioritise where to act according to a set of insight-driven guiding principles.

Leadership matters.

Our Senior Leadership Team is full to the brim of scientific expertise with PhDs in cardiovascular disease, microbiology and oncology to name a few. All also have a wealth of knowledge from their longstanding careers in healthcare communications working across a broad variety of national, European and global programmes.

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We are part ofsomething bigger.

Ashfield Health is a new network built for today, where a global mindset meets individual depth and specialism. Together with our family of agencies, we create inspiring, life-changing solutions to achieve new realities for our clients. Together, we exist to make it matter.

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